30 Year Vacation

Retirement sounds great. You quit work, play golf, and travel, and have no responsibilities. Who wouldn't love it? But isn't that what a vacation is? We can easily spend 30 or more years in retirement, so when all the Baby Boomers hit retirement age, a significant percentage of the adult population could go on a perpetual 30 year "vacation".

Does that idea of retirement still make sense? Can individuals afford that? Can society afford it? Does it make sense to have such a huge percentage of the population sitting on the sidelines when there is so much more that they could be doing?

How can anyone plan and save for all the things that might happen over 30 years? When would anyone ever be "ready" to retire?

The 30 Year Vacation is my attempt to find answers to my questions about my own "30 year vacation":

  • Does it still make sense?
  • What will it look like?
  • Can I afford it?
  • When will I be "ready" to retire?
  • How can I use the time in a meaningful way?
  • How can I avoid outliving my resources?

I'll be posting my research, ideas, book reviews, resources, and anything else I can find that looks like it would be useful. And I invite anyone else who's interested to come along for the ride. Maybe you're wondering if there's a 30 year vacation in your future?