Paul Ryan is determined to gut Medicare. This time he might succeed

This is scary stuff. Medicare is critical if you want to retire. Without it most boomers and seniors would have crippling medical costs in retirement. Privatizing Medicare is NOT a solution. It would save the government money but throw the risk, and increasing costs, back on the recipients. And it's not broke! Don't break it!

7 signs that now's not the time to retire

For some people, there is a natural progression toward retirement. They know exactly when it's time to call it quits. For others, thoughts about when to retire make them nervous, and the decision isn't easy. Determining the right time to retire can become mind-numbingly complex when you consider all of the personal and financial factors that come into play. For those individuals and couples who are on the fence and not sure about the right time to retire, you're not alone.

Retirement? It's like a career change


The label 'retired' no longer reflects the busy, happy people who find fulfillment after work.

What would you do if you had 30 years left to live after you retired?

Would you hole up at home? Head to the beach - spouse in tow - for golden sands and seas together in your golden years?

Or would you rethink the retirement altogether? Give work a go for another couple of years, better managing your financial burdens and staying occupied?

These questions were hypothetical once upon a time.

Independent for Life

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I’d like to see us commit as a nation to creating lifelong homes. Only 4 percent of the 65-plus population goes to a nursing home. Most are at home for a long, long time. We should make this a priority, just as we did with creating more energy efficient homes. This could involve certifying a package of age-related home improvements — the kinds of things we did for my parents — and coming up with public and private strategies for financial support. Second, we ought to be thinking about how we accessorize communities for an aging population. Today, we build parks for children.