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Simple Methods to Predict Your Retirement Income

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Mark Patterson

Do you have a plan for generating retirement income? Do you have any idea how much retirement income you can expect to generate from your existing retirement investments? There are at least two fast and easy ways to make this prediction. (And forget the outdated and discredited “4% rule.”)  Stated another way, the CoRI Index number helps you estimate how much savings and investments you need today to generate a dollar of future, cost-of-living adjusted annual lifetime income starting at age 65.  For example, today’s CoRI index for my age (63) is $19.17.

Retiring on 0.25 percent a year

Linda Stern

But their policy of holding interest rates as low as they need to be to keep the economy in modest growth mode is also hitting Grandma and Grandpa particularly hard: At ages when most people try to keep their money "safe" in bank certificates of deposit and bonds, retirees are having to contend with returns that would be considered laughably bad if they didn't have to cover groceries and Medicare co-pays. The national average interest rate on a one-year CD is 0.25 percent, according to Ten-year Treasury notes are yielding less than 2 percent.

A week-by-week program to plan your retirement

CBS News
Steve Vernon

Each week, I'll describe a few steps you should take during the week. The focus will be on actions that affect your financial security, although some will involve your health and lifestyle, since these topics are all related. The goal is to help you answer important questions such as:

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